In the largely secular space that is professional sports, it’s not uncommon for those expressing overtly Christian beliefs to get mocked in the media. Case in point, Tim Tebow.

After the Philadelphia Eagles’ big win over the Patriots this Sunday, NBC Sports analyst Tony Dungy also found himself under fire for his comments on the faith of Eagles QB Nick Foles.

The commentator for “Football Night in America” ruffled feathers in the Twitterverse with his congratulatory statement to the Eagles in saying, “Nick Foles told me last week that he felt the Lord had him in Philadelphia for a special moment and he played like it tonight.”

For the next two days, social media users slammed Dungy for his lack of journalistic integrity, “bigotry,” and audacity to “spout this nonsense on the air.”

The retired NFL coach and outspoken Christian who “lives by Mark 8:36” according to his Twitter bio (“what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul”) responded to his critics with poise and confidence.

“Why is it bigoted to believe in Jesus Christ? I don’t follow you???” Dungy questioned in response to being labeled a bigot.

“Does that mean the lord hated the Patriots,” snarked another irritated commenter. “Does NBC want you preaching on air?”

“No. They want me to give my opinion and that’s what I did. I’m wrong a lot, but I believe I was right this time,” answered the commentator in defense of his original statement about Foles.

And the social media minefield of hateful remarks certainly didn’t end there…

But amidst the cutthroat Twitter war, a grounded Dungy battled with class:

In spite of the army of Internet trolls slamming Dungy, there were a few encouraging souls who backed the NBC Sports analyst for his courage to share Truth at the cost of ridicule:

Paster Chris Teis put it best in saying, “Thanks @TonyDungy for sharing the truth, even at the cost of those who will throw stones.”

Kudos to Tony Dungy for planting his feet on the foundation of Christ so that he may withstand the war that followed. He’s certainly a shining example of what it means to stand firm in the faith while slaying enemies with grace and Truth.

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