Ridiculous baby names are nothing new.

Sure, they get more ludicrous with each passing year. But it wasn’t until the dawning of the of the age of the hipster that historically respected lines were crossed, and societal rules that are not meant to be broken were tossed into the compost like yesterday’s avocado chia toast.

Suddenly, it seems as though our generation’s parents are intentionally choosing awful baby names.

Look, we get it. You’re cutting edge. You don’t care about silly things like mowing your lawn or established social norms. You don’t have a care in the world.

Except, it sort of seems like you actually care a lot. And while we are all for that whole “to each his own ridiculous baby name” thing, we’re kind of over having to hear them spoken aloud.

So let’s call a spade a spade and a ridiculous baby name a ridiculous baby name.

If you’re pregnant or are considering having children at any point in the future, do our generation a great service and don’t name your precious baby one of these crap names.

Spare your children, family, friends, strangers, pets, ancestors and all future generations of your impudence and just go with “John” or “Sarah.” It’s really not that complicated.

Here are 25 ridiculous baby names that our generation will never forgive hipster parents for… And their kids probably won’t either.


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