Newborn babies are arguably the most vulnerable people in the world. That’s why the medical staff caring for them are trusted to have their best interests at heart, ensuring that they have the best possible start in life. But sadly, nurses in Saudi Arabia grossly abused this trust.

Check out the video below to see the shocking footage for yourself:

Viral footage has emerged of a newborn baby having its face squashed together by a hospital nurse, whilst her colleagues laugh in the background. The video was posted on social media and it did not take long for it to go viral. That’s when the child’s parents became aware of the shocking treatment their baby had endured while in a hospital for 10 days receiving treatment for a urinary tract infection. It did not take long for its perpetrators, three nurses at a maternity hospital in Taif, Saudi Arabia, to be identified and tracked down. Abdulhadi Al-Rabie, Taif Health Affairs spokesman, said, “The Health Affairs investigated the source of the video and was able to identify the nurses who appeared in the video and the hospital where the incident took place.” The nurses were immediately suspended from their positions. Their medical licenses were also revoked and they have been banned from nursing in other departments. Social media users were horrified by the footage and made their feelings about the nurses’ actions known. “All three nurses should thank God I was not the baby’s mother. I’d squeeze all your faces much harder,” one user wrote. Another added, “How dare they do this?”

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