Donald Trump may want you to believe the threat against Stormy Daniels is “fake news” — but based on Michael Cohen‘s legal troubles over the past week, their credibility just keeps dropping.

Stormy and hot lawyer Michael Avenatti finally released the sketch of the man she claims threatened her back in 2012, and since then the Internet has been on the case!

(A $131,000 reward will do that! LOLz!)

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While most folks on Twitter were less serious — yes, the sketch does look a bit like Trump’s old golf buddy Tom Brady, but come on! — some have really been looking.

One possible ID was shared in a somewhat convincing video:


The hair doesn’t really match up — but people can get haircuts, so not an immediate dealbreaker.

So who is that guy standing with Trump anyway?

Another Twitter user ID’d him as Terence McDonald, who according to LinkedIn is the “Director of Security at Trump Properties Florida.”

He apparently still works for Trump. Here he is with the POTUS on Instagram in March:

Not a dead ringer, but with different hair? We can see it!

Probably not the guy — but worth showing to Stormy at least!

Meanwhile POTUS retweeted a conspiracy theory early Wednesday morning that Stormy had just been describing her ex:

Yeah, that one is way off. Look at that brow!

In any case, if she was making it up why would she describe a real person?

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Instagram/Twitter.]

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