For the majority of modern society, the idea of cohabitation has become as sensible and necessary as test-driving a car before you buy it.

In fact, when the topic’s brought to light in social media, it’s the analogy of choice used…

“For many couples, moving in together seems like the obvious, cost-efficient next step for their relationship,” states a recent trending article by Huffington Post. “You save money on bills, have someone to help out when bulbs and vents need changing, and you get to hang out with your best bud every night.”

The piece entitled 6 Signs It’s Too Soon to Move in Together, then elaborates on the various reasons that may indicate it’s not quite time to take the next step, including testing the relationship, pressure from one side to move, or using it as a Band-Aid for other problems.

While many cheered on the seemingly practical 21st-century advice, Christian model and public speaker Leah Darrow called out the article with 6 signs of her own, inspired by a nugget of biblical wisdom.

Repeating the same 5 mic-drop-worthy words 6 times, Darrow replied:

“OR here are my 6 signs it’s too soon to move in together:

1. He won’t marry you first.
2. He won’t marry you first.
3. He won’t marry you first.
4. He won’t marry you first.
5. He won’t marry you first.
6. He won’t marry you first.


Not surprisingly, the former America’s Next Top Model contestant’s statement was met with harsh criticism by those calling her perspective dated and suggesting she “get with the times.”

And others refuted Darrow’s tweet by arguing that the institution of marriage shouldn’t even exist, and people should just do “whatever works for them”…

Thankfully, a few brave souls stepped into the raging Twitter war to defend Darrow’s sound advice:

While many people may mock these Christian values as outdated or senseless, ironically enough, research supports the idea that cohabitation does not lead to more successful long-term relationships.

According to studies by the Council on Contemporary Families, “In the last 50 years, the percentage of men and women who cohabit before marriage – ‘living in sin’ as it was still called in the 1960s – has increased by almost 900 percent.”

And while cohabitation is drastically on the rise, so is the divorce rate, which many researchers argue counters the common “test drive” myth.

Amidst a society that devalues the institution of marriage, I’m thankful for bold souls like Darrow willing to go against the grain by speaking Truth to a generation that desperately needs it.

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