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Nearly every mass killer is a man. We should all be talking more about that | Gary Younge

After the Toronto attack, there should be a debate about toxic masculinity, says Guardian columnist Gary Younge From the Oklahoma bombing to the massacre in Norway it is always the same. In the immediate aftermath of mass murder, the initial hypothesis is that it must be a Muslim. And so it was on Monday that, within minutes of a van mowing down pedestrians in Toronto, a far-right lynching party was mobilised on social media looking for jihadis. Paul Joseph Watson, of conspiracy site Infowars, announced, A jihadist has just killed nine people; Katie Hopkins branded the Canadian prime minister,...

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Scott Pruitt Is Safefor Now

During the first week of April, as scandals piled on top of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, it looked like his job was in jeopardy. A handful of lawmakers, including two Republicans, called for him to resign after reports surfaced that he’d rented a Capitol Hill condo on unusually agreeable terms from the wife of a prominent energy lobbyist with business before the EPA. Top administration officials distanced themselves from Pruitt as the White House launched a review of his actions, and Chief of Staff John Kelly told President Trump it was time for the EPA chief to...

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Revealed: Secret rightwing strategy to discredit teacher strikes

Manual provides dos and donts for how to smear the strikes, claiming that teacher strikes hurt kids and low-income families A nationwide network of rightwing thinktanks is launching a PR counteroffensive against the teachers strikes that are sweeping the country, circulating a messaging guide for anti-union activists that portrays the walkouts as harmful to low-income parents and their children. The new rightwing strategy to discredit the strikes that have erupted in protest against cuts in education funding and poor teacher pay is contained in a three-page document obtained by the Guardian. Titled How to talk about teacher strikes, it...

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Azealia Banks LAYS INTO Kim Kardashian ‘You Will Never Ever Be The First Lady’!

Azealia Banks has put Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in their place. We know, we can’t believe it either. The notoriously controversial rapper has weighed in on Yeezy’s recent pro Donald Trump sentiments — by laying into the A-lister’s reality TV star wife on Instagram. Related: Chance The Rapper Defends Kanye Amid His Pro-Trump Tweets! Alongside a screenshot of Keeks’ tweet supporting Yeezus’ love for the Trumpster, Banks seemingly suggested that the twosome’s social media antics are in the name of publicity. She wrote: “No @kimkardashian Kanye is not ahead of his time. I said alllll of these things...

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Twitter Signs More Than 30 Video Deals With Disney, NBC, Viacom

Twitter Signs More Than 30 Video Deals With Disney, NBC, Viacom By Selina Wang @Selina_y_wang More stories by Selina Wang Twitter Inc. inked more than 30 deals with publishers including Walt Disney Co. and NBCUniversal to beef up its video offerings with more news, entertainment and sports. NBCUniversal, part of Comcast Corp., agreed to distribute live video and clips on Twitter through its media properties, including NBC News, MSNBC and E! News. Viacom Inc. is creating new show formats including "BET Breaks" that focuses on the African American perspective on pop culture and another named "Comedy Central’s Creator’s Room,"...

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