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How to Pray When You are Hurting: 10 Healing Scriptures for the Weary and Brokenhearted

ShareTweet You’ve heard the old saying, “Life isn’t always fair.” Perhaps you’ve found a lump, or an unexpected diagnosis has rocked your world. Maybe you’re like this woman, whose husband was the most faithful, Christ-like man a person could know, and still, he was tragically ripped from this heartbreaking earth for reasons we will never know on this side of Heaven. Wherever you’re at in your journey, the seemingly juvenile thought of “life isn’t fair” has surely crossed your mind. And while that may be the case, as believers we have something that the rest of the world has...

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Match Gets Snarky with Facebook After Dating App Announcement

Match Gets Snarky with Facebook After Dating App Announcement By Gerrit De Vynck @GerritD More stories by Gerrit De Vynck Shares of dating app company Match Group Inc. tanked Tuesday after social media giant Facebook said it was building its own matchmaking app. But Match Chief Executive Officer Mandy Ginsberg is ready for a fight. “We’re flattered that Facebook is coming into our space — and sees the global opportunity that we do,” Ginsberg said in an email. “We’re surprised at the timing given the amount of personal and sensitive data that comes with this territory,” she added, referring...

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This Picture Speaks for Itself Photo of Teens Praying Over Meal Sparks Outrage on Facebook

ShareTweet Teens today rely on very few things more than that of a wireless connection. Everywhere you turn, they’re exchanging photos and videos, streaks and Snapchats. We live in a world that is more connected than ever before, yet still so DIS-connected from the one thing that matters most: A connection with Jesus. Prayer is the world’s greatest wireless connection. And most adults would agree, they’d rather their teens be connecting with Jesus than with predators on social media. So when widespread DEBATE broke out over this group of high schoolers praying before their meal on the way to...

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Duterte to Permanently Ban Sending Workers to Kuwait

Philippine leader tells citizens in Kuwait to come home China, Japan welcome Philippine citizens, Duterte says Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he will permanently stop deploying workers to Kuwait amid rocky diplomatic relations between the two nations. The firebrand leader also asked Filipinos working as household helpers in the Middle East state to come home, and appealed to professional workers to do the same. “Your government will do its best to help you return and resettle,” Duterte said in a speech after arriving home Sunday from a meeting of southeast Asian leaders in Singapore. “I appeal to your sense...

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Chip and Joanna Gaines: 11 Godly Secrets to an Epic Marriage and Family

ShareTweet Chip and Joanna Gaines’ greatest accomplishment isn’t five seasons of the highest-rated HGTV show in network history, a New York Times bestselling book, a quarterly magazine, a paint, wallpaper, rug and furniture line, a bakery, and successful retail shops. Their highest accomplishment is modeling for the rest of us what really matters when their kids were feeling the pain of Mom and Dad being way too busy. The kids would ask, “Mom and Dad, do you guys have to film again today? When is this going to be over?” Chip recalls. “The kids were so young when we started,” added Joanna....

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