Airports are constantly buzzing with busy travelers bustling from one destination to the next. With flight delays and plenty of time to kill between connections, in many ways, they are the perfect place to connect with others. But for some reason, we rarely do.

In an era that has put an increasing value on social-media interactions and a declining value on personal one-on-one connection, it’s no surprise that you are more likely to see somebody glued to their smartphone than striking up a conversation with a stranger.

Well, Coca-Cola and JetBlue recently set out on a mission to change that.

The companies partnered to open a pop-up restaurant called “Shared Plate” at the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York. The only catch was that anybody who came in to be seated had to eat with a total stranger. And instead of being given a menu, Chef JJ Johnson whipped up unique fusion meals based on the diverse ethnic backgrounds of the travelers at each table.

Not surprisingly, the interactions started out a little awkward. Between the shifty eye contact, nervous hair twirls, and uncomfortable squirming in their seats, it’s obvious this was an experience these people were NOT used to. But before long, after a few splashes of Coke and a one-of-a-kind meal designed to merge their tastes, these once-strangers found common ground as new friends in the most beautiful way.

Since the video was posted on Love What Matters, other real-life stories of the connections people have made at airports have been flooding in on Facebook.

From sharing a flight with random strangers named “Valentino” to finding future husbands at airport bars, there are no bounds to the lasting relationships that can be built…

In just under three minutes, watch JetBlue and Coca-Cola prove that “someone is only a stranger until you’ve shared a plate with them.”

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