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Month: May 2018

Login With Facebook data hijacked by JavaScript trackers

Facebook confirms to TechCrunch that it’s investigating a security research report that shows Facebook user data can be grabbed by third-party JavaScript trackers embedded on websites using Login With Facebook. The exploit lets these trackers gather a user’s data including name, email address, age range, gender, locale, and profile photo depending on what users originally provided to the website. It’s unclear what these trackers do with the data, but some of their parent companies sell publisher monetization services based on collected user data. The abusive scripts were found on 434 of the top 1 million websites including cloud database...

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Twitter Sold Data Access to Cambridge AnalyticaLinked Researcher

Aleksandr Kogan had access to the data for single day in 2015 Twitter has removed Cambridge Analytica as an advertiser Twitter Inc. sold data access to the Cambridge University academic who also obtained millions of Facebook Inc. users’ information that was later passed to a political consulting firm without the users’ consent. Aleksandr Kogan, who created a personality quiz on Facebook to harvest information later used by Cambridge Analytica, established his own commercial enterprise, Global Science Research (GSR). That firm was granted access to large-scale public Twitter data, covering months of posts, for one day in 2015, according to...

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Almost every Facebook user has had public profile data scraped, Zuckerberg says

On a call with reporters, Zuckerberg said most Facebook users have likely had public profile data scraped. Oops.Image: Getty Images Our Facebook privacy nightmare somehow keeps getting worse. The vast majority of Facebook users have likely had their public profile data scraped by third-parties, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed Wednesday. SEE ALSO: Deleting Facebook won’t fix our privacy nightmare The seemingly massive privacy loophole was the result of a feature that allowed people to search for friends using their phone number. The setting, which has now been removed, was enabled by default in order to make it easier for users’...

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Oh Snap! Is Blake Shelton Basically Confirming Miranda Lambert Cheated On Him?!

Once a cheater, always a cheater? As we reported, Miranda Lambert is said to be currently dating Evan Felker, the guitarist from her opening band, Oklahoma country-folk Turnpike Troubadours — a relationship that is suspected to have begun before her romance with Anderson East ended! Related: The Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups EVER! While nothing was ever confirmed, infidelity was also rumored to have been a factor in her split from Blake Shelton back in 2015. Seemingly commenting on the recent drama, The Voice judge took to Twitter on Wednesday, writing: Is he confirming the country songstress cheated?? SOUND OFF...

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A man was threatening to jump off an overpass. Big rigs parked underneath to break his fall

(CNN)A man stood on a freeway overpass near Detroit early Thursday, threatening to jump. So thirteen tractor-trailers lined up underneath, ready to break his fall. Asking truckers to help in such cases is not unusual, Shaw said, but “most of the time these events are (resolved) pretty fast, so we only get one semi.” This time it took about three hours to get the man, whom police declined to identify, down from the bridge, he said. It was 911 calls that alerted police to the man around 1 a.m. Tuesday on the overpass in Huntington Woods, just outside Detroit,...

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