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Month: April 2018

7 Famous People Who Can’t Stop Fighting With Fans On Twitter

The internet is an amazing invention that lets you be called an idiot by hundreds of strangers at once. For celebrities, make that hundreds of thousands. Some of them are able to simply shrug it off and go back to sipping champagne whilst bathing in their caviar-filled Jacuzzi. But others … others don’t handle online disagreements so well. Here are some notable examples. 7 Samuel L. Jackson Showers Twitter Fans With F-Words For The Silliest Reasons Samuel L. Jackson is the yellingest fathermocker in Hollywood, and we all love him for it. If he’s in a movie and he...

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Firefox Rolls Out New Extension To Block Facebook From Leaking Personal Data

In light of the uproar over online privacy that was kicked into high gear by this month’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, Internet browser company Mozilla has released a new Firefox extension that limits the extent to which Facebook can track your web activity.   Given the name “Facebook Container”, this browser add-on does just that – it blocks the social media app from associating the data in your Facebook account and your actions on the site from what you choose to do on other websites, ultimately reducing the barrage of targeted messages and advertisements that appear on your feed. Third-party Facebook...

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Zuckerberg Vows to Alert All Whose Data May’ve Been Exposed

Facebook’s CEO offers assurances in series of media interviews The company is dealing with its latest consumer firestorm Facebook Inc.’s Mark Zuckerberg, breaking a media silence on the latest consumer imbroglio to engulf the social media company, vowed to inform each of his two billion-plus users if there’s a chance their personal data was compromised. In an interview with CNN, the billionaire chief executive officer said he would appear before Congress if necessary, to testify on revelations that a researcher harvested data on 50 million and sold it on surreptitiously to consultancy Cambridge Analytica. That bombshell has since wiped...

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Shoppers post photos of empty shelves

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The denuded shelves at this supermarket in Bath are typical of many around the country Shoppers have been posting photos of empty supermarket shelves on social media after the wintry weather led to shortages across the country. Retailers say they are experiencing localised disruption because supplies could not be delivered in the snow. Supermarkets also say they are experiencing high demand as people stock up after not being able to shop. Most photos show bread, milk and eggs shortages, although other absent items include fruit, vegetables and meat. The south west of England...

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