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Month: April 2018

Why Zuckerbergs 14-Year Apology Tour Hasnt Fixed Facebook

In 2003, one year before Facebook was founded, a website called Facemash began nonconsensually scraping pictures of students at Harvard from the school’s intranet and asking users to rate their hotness. Obviously, it caused an outcry. The website’s developer quickly proffered an apology. "I hope you understand, this is not how I meant for things to go, and I apologize for any harm done as a result of my neglect to consider how quickly the site would spread and its consequences thereafter,” wrote a young Mark Zuckerberg. “I definitely see how my intentions could be seen in the wrong...

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23 Things To Avoid When You Break Up With Someone

Breakups are always tough. Hurt feelings, resentment, and unhappiness just come with the territory. But while you may not be able to control those feelings of heartbreak and sadness, there is something you can do to help yourself heal and move on — avoid doing these 23 things during a breakup. 1. Don’t forget the practical things. Does your ex have your passwords, keys, or other possessions? Make a plan to recover those things and go through with it, says expert Toni Coleman. Pexels 2. Don’t try to punish your ex. It won’t take away your hurt or make...

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Laura Ingraham Apologizes to Parkland Survivor as Advertisers Ditch Her Show

After right-wing star Laura Ingraham publicly mocked Parkland school-shooting survivor David Hogg for being rejected by multiple colleges, several companies have pulled their ads from her primetime Fox News show. David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it. (Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA…totally predictable given acceptance rates.) Ingraham wrote Thursday on Twitter while sharing an article on the matter from right-wing outlet The Daily Wire. Hogg launched to social-media stardom over the past month, becoming an outspoken anti-gun activist after 17 of his classmates and teachers were shot and killed at...

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