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Month: December 2017

23 Funny, Punny Photos Show That Maybe Not All Humans Are Awful And Stupid

If there’s one thing that can show you who you really are, it’s probably puns. We all know people who get ridiculously annoyed at puns, roll their eyes and move on, chuckle to themselves, or start a pun war when confronted with a great play on words. Personally, I think they’re pretty fun, and it’s awesome when something “punny” can be captured on camera, too. Here are 23 times people posted images of situational puns to social media. 1. “Spotted a mama cat gently carrying her child today.” Reddit / Schwoopty 2. “Screenshot.” Reddit / MashLuke 3. “A long...

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Emily Ratajowski Shuts Down Piers Morgan For Giving Her Sh*t About Bimbo Modeling

Piers Morgan kicked the hornet’s nest when he went ahead and called out Emily Ratajowski for being a “global bimbo” and having the added gall to tell her to get a “proper job.” Apparently Ratajowski referring to the shoot as empowering was just too much for Piers Morgan to bear. Suffice to say, she managed to take down the notorious social media villain in glorious fashion.  1 Pin It Via @emrata 2 Pin It Via @emrata 3 She goes ahead and tweets out her statement about modesty for good measure: Pin It Via @emrata 4 Twitter was in strong...

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Twitter User Uncovers Russian Bot Network On Twitter With Impressive Investigative Techniques

We’ve learned a lot in the past year about how Russia has been attempting to use social media manipulation to its advantage in order to shape the opinions and beliefs of those in the western world.  This twitter user used some impressive investigative techniques to uncover one particularly large Russian account that is posing as a British national. 1 Pin It Via somethingaboutTV 2 Pin It Via somethingaboutTV 3 Pin It Via somethingaboutTV 4 Pin It Via somethingaboutTV 5 Pin It Via somethingaboutTV 6 Pin It Via somethingaboutTV 7 Pin It Via somethingaboutTV 8 Pin It Via somethingaboutTV 9...

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Chinas Anti-Pollution Efforts Get a Reality Check

China’s efforts to tackle air pollution are getting a reality check, with some regions told to revert to burning coal after shortages of natural gas left people without heating amid freezing winter temperatures. Officials in China’s frigid northern provinces were ordered to prioritize keeping citizens warm and areas that hadn’t yet converted fully to gas were permitted to burn coal for heating, state media reported last week, citing a statement from the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Beijing, which reportedly stopped using coal for heating and power in March, asked a plant to restart its coal-fired units because of gas...

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Take Notes: This Fake Roy Moore Accuser Scandal Is A Master Class In Stupidity

Yet another woman came forward this week with additional claims against Alabama Senate candidate, and creepy child predator, Roy Moore, accusing him of sexual assault, which like, ok sure what else is new? At this point, news of Moore assaulting another underage girl is as groundbreaking as news that the sky is blue, or Ryan Gosling is hot, or Kylie Jenner is pregnant. We already know. However, this story took a turn when it was revealed that Moore’s latest accuser was full of shit and the worst undercover “exposé journalist” ever. Let’s investigate: A woman named Jaime Phillips (red...

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