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Month: December 2017

This Was Going To Be A Super Cute Mom-Baby Selfie…Until It Wasn’t

As many moms and dads would be happy to tell you, parenting isn’t always pretty. Sure, kids are cute and all, but they’re much more difficult (and infinitely messier) than those adorable photos on social media would have non-parents believe. Just ask this poor mom, whose attempt at trying to record a cute mommy-baby kiss with her young son was thwarted by the little boy’s stomach, which had other plans. Watch as Mom poses with her son one second, then gets puked on in the next. (via Daily Mail) Ah, the joys of parenthood. I think I’ll wait a...

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Cardi B DID Get Cheated On! So Why Are She & Offset Still Looking So Damn Cozy??

In case you missed the news while hanging with the fam yesterday, But if the Migos rapper cheated, why are they looking so drama-free?? In a new Instagram story, courtesy of The Shade Room, they seem very couple-y, talking presents and parents in, and even appearing to have a dry-hump romp in the second slide’s video: #PressPlay: #TSRUpdatez: Looks like #CardiB and #Offset are UNBOTHERDT and still going strong 🤪A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Dec 26, 2017 at 8:11am PST So what happened? This Christmas IG post by Offset may clear some things up… H...

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This Picture Of Don Jr. With Ted Cruz Is The Ugliest Effing Thing We’ve Ever Seen

President Trump’s Twitter definitely takes the cake for most problematic social media account of all time anyone in his family, but Donald Trump Jr.’s Instagram might be a close second. In the past, Don Jr. used the ‘gram to say how he was going to take away half of his daughter’s Halloween candy to explain socialism, but his most recent post is somehow even more cringeworthy. On Sunday, Don posted a slideshow of him posing with Ted Cruz, holding a cake that has a picture of Barack Obama in red white and blue icing. The caption is a real classic:...

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President Obama warns against getting cocooned in bias via social media

Former President Barack Obama sat down with the UK’s Prince Harry for an extended and far-ranging interview with the BBC this week, and their conversation touched on social media, the use thereof, and Obama’s take on what the current state of social media means for human discourse. The full interview covers a lot of ground, but the breakouts regarding social media include an admonition against those “in leadership” using it in ways that prevent establishing “a common space on the internet,” which seems an oblique reference to Donald Trump and his use of Twitter, which is often divisive, and...

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Huge Blunder: Breitbart Accidentally Published Its Prewritten Article Template For Smearing Any Woman Who Accuses A Conservative Of Sexual Assault

Oh boy. Today is not a good day to be at Breitbart. Typos and factual errors are bound to happen once in a while, but a mistake this major will likely cause heads to roll: Breitbart accidentally published its prewritten article template for defaming any woman who accuses a conservative of sexual assault. Um, yeah. Someone messed up…big time. The template, uploaded to Breitbart’s front page by accident earlier this morning, offers a standard outline in which writers could easily insert time- and event-sensitive information to discredit any woman who claims that a high-profile conservative ever acted sexually inappropriate...

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